Doula support

Since he end of September 2021 Zwanger in Brussel needed to pause home birth and birth attendance services. More about that here

As Zwanger in Brussel we've worked with doula's for quite some time and this continues during the pause. 

A doula is a birth support person that attends labor and birth. She/He provides emotional, mental and physical support. A doula is typically not medically trained and therefore unauthorised to do medical interventions. The presence of a doula during labor and birth provides trust in the birth process. Usually a doula meets up with you during pregnancy to connect and discuss birth preferences. She/he will be on call from 37 to 42 weeks and support you throughout the birth process. Every doula has her/his own personality and therefore getting to know each other is really important.

Every person you invite to your birth has an impact and a click between you and the doula is indispensable.

If you are interested in doula support or you would love to receive more information? Please contact us. 


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