Every week we organise  Babyboost*!
This is a moment for mothers and babies to have lunch together (what we used to call 'Moedermelk & Boterhammen').

Every Thursday between 12h30-14h at Zwanger in Brussel (Rue Verrept-Dekeyser 39).

During school holidays there is no Babyboost. 

Babyboost gives you the opportunity to meet other moms and to exchange experiences about life with a baby. One of our volunteers (Anne or Leire), and one of our midwives will be there to help you.

Joining Babyboost is for free, but of course if you'd like to sponsor our library feel free. We eat together, but bring your own lunch.

There is a midwife/lactation consultant available for a short consultation (if you already have a file). Price €30/30min.

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