Baby massage

Nurturing Baby Massage with a touch of yoga


We welcome all parents with a baby aged 4 to 16 weeks! Please try to have the same adult follow the entire workshop with your baby. You are welcome to follow several workshops in a row.

What? This workshop consists of 5 classes. It includes massage techniques, movement and a splash of yoga. Massage and movement stimulates the development of your baby. In this safe environment, trust in each other grows and the attachment between you and your baby develops through loving touch, soft movements and relaxation. A spiral of joy between you and your baby feels amazing! In each class, we follow your child’s rhythm: their need for feeding, a hug or a nap is taken care of during classes. We provide some gentle yoga moves for moms to heal after pregnancy and delivery and to build up core strength. We also get to know other parents and babies in the group…developing your own support network.


WORKSHOP of 5 consecutive classes, each on Tuesday morning 9:30-10:30 AM (1 hour). Exact dates are found in the following link. Please feel free to enroll. We are looking forward to having some fun!


Zwanger in Brussel in Molenbeek, Verrept-Dekeyserstraat 39, 1080 Molenbeek


These classes are given by Karen (Numinatal®) after a course of Integrated Nurturing Baby Massage & Baby Yoga at Birthlight®.

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This course of 5 consecutive classes is given in a chronological sequence. For the whole sequence of 5 sessions for parent and child, we ask 100€. If you miss a class, feel free to join the corresponding class of another Baby Massage workshop at ZIB. But don’t worry, we always repeat what we have learned from the previous classes. If your baby is asleep during class, you may practice on a special doll that we provide for you.

Included in this price:

- use of yoga mat and cushions

- bottle of specially selected pure organic baby massage oil for use during Baby Massage workshop

Please bring:

A towel or blanket with your familiar scent to wrap your baby in after massage. Enough food and diapers for your baby…because massage stimulates the digestive tract.


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