Baby-led weaning

How to start with solid foods

Forget baby purées and spoon feeding. By about six months babies are ready to join the family at the kitchen table and discover real, solid food for themselves. How does this work? Is it safe? What are the advantages?

In this workshop we explain you the basics about Baby-led weaning.

When 12/11 - 10-12u ONLINE
Price €25 per persoon
Language Nederlands

When 10/12 - 10-12u ONLINE
Price €25 per persoon
Language English

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Various organisations offering prenatal and postnatal support are joining forces on the SEE U site in Ixelles, a temporary occupation of the Fritz Toussaint barracks. A true baby hub was created in one of the pavilions of the former barracks. In addition to the super cozy and child friendly Café poussette Haricot Magique, the midwives of Zwanger in Brussels, Kind en Gezin Ixelles and the Babytheek Elzenhof are temporarily housed in the same building. Together with Huis van het Kind they organise activities and workshops.
SEE U BABY is a collaboration between Zwanger in Brussel, Babytheek Elzenhof, Kind en Gezin, Haricot Magique and Huis van het Kind/Ket in Brussel.

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