Already at the beginning of my studies I was interested in the work of the midwife in primary

care: the personal contact, the natural approach and the homey atmosphere appealed to me

tremendously. Unfortunately at the time of graduation in 2017, there wasn’t directly a place for me

in that field. I decided to take another road that also interested me a lot and so I started studying

psychology. A year later I heard via Hanne that Zwanger in Brussel was looking for a new colleague.

During that first year of studying Psychology I really missed the midwifery, so I thought ‘Why not?'.

And so I became the new member of the midwifery practice, more specifically team Baby in Brussel!

I’m looking forward to get to know you better during your pregnancy and to support you in your

homecoming after the birth of your little one!

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Hanne Febe Arlind Elke

Verrept Dekeyserstraat 39 Molenbeek 1080


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