Antenatal consultations

Visit the midwife during your pregnancy, we are specialised in the medical follow-up of normal pregnancies

A midwife is the most suitable health professional to follow up low-risk pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period. There is scientific evidence that a more personal follow-up leads to a better pregnancy and parenting experience. We aim to quickly schedule new appointments, minimise waiting times and we also take time to listen, answer questions and prepare you on what’s coming next.

Appointments are possible on different locations. In our office in Molenbeek (close to the Canal and Dansaert). In Huis van het Kind Noord in Schaarbeek. Or in Elzenhof (between Place Flagey and Place Jourdan, in Ixelles). All of them are easy to reach with public transport. 


The first consultation takes about an hour. First, we create your medical file and ask you a great deal of questions. Then we also explain how our practice works and what kind of activities and options we offer.  Furthermore, we do a medical check, including a blood test if necessary. There will be time for your questions or concerns as well.

All following antenatal consultations  take about 30 minutes and consist of  a medical check, time for questions and a chat.

During the first months of pregnancy we see you once a month. In the last month of pregnancy this will be every week. 

The medical check consists of:

  • checking blood pressure
  • measuring your womb to check baby's growth
  • palpation of your belly, starting from 28 weeks of pregnancy to check baby's position
  • auscultation of your baby's heart tones

We will give you a prescription for an ultrasound scan at 12, 22 and 32 weeks. Once per trimester we do a blood test, or more frequently if needed. If problems are suspected we refer you to your doctor or specialist.

In our hands, you'll always be safe!


Consultations are possible in:
- Huis van het Kind Noord in Schaerbeek - Rue du progrès 319, 1030 - Tuesday/Thursday
- SeeU in Ixelles - Rue Fritz Toussaint 8, 1050 (building Q) - Wednesday/Friday
- Zwanger in Brussel in Molenbeek - Rue Verrept-Dekeyser 39, 1080 - every weekday

Contact us as soon as possible!
Complete the registration form to make an appointment. Our team is divided into 2 groups of 3 midwives. Team orange and team blue

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