Postpartum house visits

We offer medical checks for mother and baby at home, as well as information and support after giving birth. 

A midwife of Zwanger in Brussel will pass by at home within 24h of being discharged from the hospital.

During a home visit:

  • we provide medical care for mom (physical and mental follow up op healing after pregnancy and birth)
  • we provide medical care for baby (metabolic screening, weighing, ...)
  • we help with breastfeeding
  • we help with baby care, sleep, ... all the questions you may have
  • we provide information regarding the phase you're in

The number of house visits is determined together with you. We come to your home the first two weeks after giving birth.

The first week we offer daily visits and from week 2 at least 2 visits or more if needed or requested by you.

If at any time, you encounter an issue or feel worried, you can call us. For urgent medical questions you can reach us 24h/24h, 7days a week (see contact). For non urgent questions, please call between 9 and 16h or send us an email.

All midwives of Zwanger in Brussel work within the quality guidelines of the 'Good Practice' label.

After 2 weeks of home visits, you are welcome in our practice for further follow up. And of course we look forward to meeting you at our weekly Babyboost or in any of our other workshops.

If a more intensive or specific breastfeeding support is recommended, separate breastfeeding consultations can be planned with our IBCLC lactation consultant Elke Van Den Bergh. More information can be found here.

Register with Zwanger in Brussel

We ask all couples to pass by during pregnancy to make acquaintance and open up a file to be able to provide first class postnatal support.


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