Consultations after birth

To ensure good postnatal care, we propose the following scheme of postnatal checkups:

  • The first two weeks after giving birth: home visits by the midwife
  • 4 weeks after giving birth: consultation with the midwife/lactation consultant
    (focus on breastfeeding, weight of the baby, general wellbeing mom and partner)
  • 6 weeks after giving birth: postpartum checkup for mom and baby
    (medical checkup to evaluate the physical healing of the mom after giving birth, combined with a medical check of the baby)
  • 8 weeks after giving birth:information about sleeps
    (focus on sleep routines of the baby, general well being of mom and family) 
  • 12 weeks after giving birth: "Back to Work"-consult
    (support for the transition to the workplace)

To start this trajectory it is best to be registered during pregnancy at Zwanger in Brussel. We love to meet you at leasst once before giving birth to get to know each other and learn the details about your pregnancy.

A personalised schema is always possible and depends on what your questions or needs are. During a consultation we can see together with you what is necessary.

Fill out the contact form to request a first consultation.


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