Breastfeeding support

A lot of moms love to be able to nurse their baby. Breastfeeding is a natural consequence of pregnancy and birth. Although it is a natural process, it is also a skill you need to learn. Sometimes the start can be quite troublesome. Some moms need to overcome one challenge after the other before they are able to enjoy breastfeeding.

We notice that well informed moms have a higher chance of a good start. Therefore prepare yourself for breastfeeding during pregnancy by making an appointment with one of the midwives of Zwanger in Brussel. She will inform you, prepare you and give all the tips and tricks to get a head start. After birth the midwife will also support your breastfeeding journey.

If a encounter a difficult breastfeeding challenge, Elke, our IBCLC lactation consultant will support you. She is specifically trained in difficult breastfeeding situations and has helped numerous happy, breastfeeding moms. 

Problems you can contact us for:

  • pain during the feeding
  • nipple cracks
  • too much milk
  • too little milk
  • questions and uncertainties
  • mastitis
  • baby isn't growing that well
  • continuing your breastfeeding journey while working
  • signs of tongue-tie or lip-tie
  • ....

Our services are also available to you if you weren't followed during pregnancy by Zwanger in Brussel.

Make an appointment

Lactation consults are planned every afternoon tuesday to friday in our practice in Molenbeek (Verrept-Dekeysterstraat 39). On Monday afternoon lactation consults are possible in Praktijkhuis Bles, Pannenhuisstraat 46, 1020 Laken.


Fill out the registration form to plan an appointment.

If you are already followed by Zwanger in Brussel, an online consult is possible with our lactation consultant.

Of course you are welcome at our weekly Babyboost for moms and baby. This is a free meeting with other moms and babies (a contribution is always welcome). The meetings are led by one of our volunteer. At each meeting a midwife will be present to answer short questions. If you already have a file, a short individual consultation regarding breastfeeding is also possible.


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