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Psychological support

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De Broedvrouw - psychological support

Pregnancy is a pretty emotional time in life with a lot of beautiful and happy moments, but also some difficult times. It can be a tough challenge to cope with these emotions as a woman, but equally as a couple. At Zwanger in Brussel, An-Sofie Van Parys is our colleague who supports you in this process. She is a midwife as well as a sexologist and is currently undertaking a psychotherapist degree. Her consultations are part of the perinatal care package we provide.

Women and couples can contact An-Sofie for both general or specific questions such as depression, anxieties, traumatic deliveries in the past, relationship problems,.. This can be during or after pregnancy.


You can find more information on An-Sofie's website.

You can contact her directly on 0475/75 62 28 or fill in the form to book an appointment.

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