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Breastfeeding consultation

Individual consultation with lactation consultant from baby to toddler

Lactation consultant IBCLC

Intensive support for breastfeeding issues by a lactation consultant.

Don't wait too long and make an individual appointment. We will make time to discuss your specific situation.

In case of a suspicion of a tongue tie or a lip tie, we are working together with an specialised doctor.

You can reach a midwife everyday between 9am and 4pm to plan an appointment as soon as possible. In the mean time we will give you some first advice by phone. 

Following moments are reserved for breastfeeding consultations
- Tuesday between 14-17h in Schaerbeek, Rue du progr├Ęs 319, 1030
- Wednesday and Thursday between 14-17h in Molenbeek, Rue Verrept-Dekeyser 39, 1080
- Friday between 14-17h in SeeU in Ixelles, Rue Fritz Toussaint 8, 1050

During Babyboost a short individual consultation is possible for specific breastfeeding questions, if you already have a file at Zwanger in Brussel.

Complete the registration form to make an appointment.

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