We notice that well informed mothers have a higher chance to a smooth start. That is why we advise women to contact one of the midwives of Zwanger in Brussel during the pregnancy. She will prepare you for the period of breastfeeding, give you tips and tricks and visit you at home once the baby is born, if you would like so.

It is often very nice and easy to breastfeed and a lot of mothers think it’s wonderful to feed be able to feed their own baby. It is a natural consequence after the pregnancy and birth, but it is a skill you have to learn. Unfortunately this is not always without problems. Sometimes mothers have to overcome obstacles, small or big, before they can enjoy breastfeeding.

Problems that can occur:

  • pain during feeding
  • cracked nipples
  • too much milk
  • not enough milk
  • mastitis
  • baby does not grow well
  • how to combine pumping and working
  • ...

Even if you did not see us during your pregnancy, you can still contact a midwife or lactation consultant of Zwanger in Brussel. Contact us to make an appointment at your home or in our office.

You are also welcome to come to our weekly Breastfeeding & Sandwiches to meet other breastfeeding mothers!
NEW! Starting from October 2018 Babyboost every Friday 12-14h in Elzenhof, Ixelles.

Elke is a certified IBCLC lactation consultant. 

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