Baby in Brussel

Homevisits after giving birth without Zwanger in Brussel

Come and meet us during your pregnancy, you will get advice and useful tips for the start of your parenting adventure. Choose a relaxed return home from the maternity ward with your new baby. Opt for professional support from a midwife in your own home.

Did you give birth and are you living in Brussels? We are there for you!

Also if you are planning to leave the hospital quickly, you can count on us. A midwive comes by and does the medical check-ups at home. We help you with the breastfeeding, we weigh your baby, we do the Guthrie (screening test on day 3) and we take the time to answer your questions. We try to minimize the amount of different midwives coming by. 

We highly recommend seeing us already during your pregnancy. Then we have the time to start a file and explain you what you can expect. 

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We are midwives with a label, so there is quality assurance!
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