Zwanger In Brussel - Corona countermeasures consulting hours

Maximum hygienic standards:

Possibility to wash your hand at arrival. The midwives disinfect door knobs regularly.

Waiting time is minimized and there is space for keeping social distance

We temporarily do not serve tea or cookies

Nursing cushions can be disinfected, or bring your own towels

Single use or paper towels near the sinks

Wear a mask

Please notify us in case:

  • You have a cough or you feel ill
  • You were, to the best of your knowledge, in close contact with a COVID patient
  • You have visited quarantined countries during the last month (Italy, Spain, China, Japan, South-Korea)

Online follow-up consults without medical care are possible

All group sessions are canceled until April 3th.

In case you were subscribed to any of these sessions, you shall be contracted as soon as possible

Keep calm and thank you for understanding.

Vroedvrouw online: klik hier

What is Coronavirus (WHO)

Coronavirus while pregnant or giving birth

The best behaviour towards coronavirus symptoms

Coping with stress during the corona outbreak

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